I have always contributed my creativeness to my childhood in Kansas City.  I grew up with six siblings on a rocky road named Campbell.  When people ask what college I went to I tell them there is a private college in KC that had only seven students.  We did not have many material things so my creative brain would make something out of nothing.  As I continue to grow, I felt no matter how big or small everything can be beautiful. I strive to create an atmosphere that wraps around you and takes us away from everyday life.  I believe beauty and music go hand in hand and are good for the soul.

Ruby Did It, LLC is a simple outcome of my path to my own business.  It all started with a simple desire to make my home the most beautiful place I could.  What followed was a multitude of crafting phases that developed into working in a number of small shops in the south Twin Cities metro to support my growing design passion.

I truly hope you like the name for my business and that I owe to my husband.  When asked by anyone who stopped by to admire one of my projects and they asked, “who did that?” his reply was always the same “Ruby Did It!”

I love what I do and I take the time to really get to know my clients to ensure we are on the same page and that the project we undertake is done together.  I pride myself on only adding my unique skills and vision to what you want for your project.  Together we will make it beautiful!

Thank you for stopping to look at my site and pleas understand Web development is not my forte but the photos on this site will show you what we can do together!